Heads Up Flooring | Cleaning and Maintenance
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Cleaning and Maintenance

Hardwood floors are much easier to maintain now than ever before. Traditionally,
the cleaning process of hardwood floors involved waxing and physical
labor. With today’s modernized line of floor finishes, maintaining the finish on a
hardwood floor has become trouble-free. Just follow these simple maintenance procedures…

•  Regular dust mopping or vacuuming as needed.
•  Light sponge mop with a mixture of 50% Water/50% blue Windex.
•  Steam mops are ok to use, but do not leave steaming mop on wood floor
(Excessive moisture will cause damage to the wood.)

Do Not Wax or Polish

Urethane finishes require little maintenance, so it is not necessary to wax or polish.
Waxes and polishes will actually make the floor harder to clean and may cause issues with
future recoats.

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