Here are some tips to help you prepare and save time before we begin your job.

  • If we have contracted to move your furniture/appliances, you are still responsible to move the small items, such as pictures, lamps, knick knacks, books, curtains/drapes, closet content, if necessary, electronics etc.
  • Anticipate dust/dirt with the job, we will clean up our work area, but will not be responsible for “house cleaning.”
  • We make no guarantee of stain removal with floor refinishing. Wood replacement may be necessary.
  • Job scheduling occurs on Friday weekly. You will receive a call with a definitive day and time the Friday before your job is scheduled to start. We will be unable to provide a definite start date before that time.
  • Additional charges may be incurred due to unforeseen work that may be necessary to complete the job correctly and will be billed on the final payment invoice.

For the safety and consideration of our workers, if you have pets please contain them in a location away from and not in the path of the work area.

Refinishing FAQs:

Q: Can I walk on my floors while the work is in process?
A: It is preferred that you do not walk on the newly stained floor, but you can walk on the newly polyurethaned floor 4-6 hours after application each day. If it is sticky to the touch, do not walk on it.

Q: How soon after the job is finished can I begin moving my furniture back in place?
A: Furniture can be replaced 24 hours after final coat.

Q: How soon can I move my area rugs back in place after the job is finished?
A: No area rugs for 2 weeks after final coat.

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