Hardwood floors are much easier to maintain now more than ever before.

Traditionally, the cleaning process of hardwood floors involved waxing and physical
labor. With today’s modernized line of floor finishes, maintaining the finish on a
hardwood floor has become trouble-free. Just follow these simple maintenance procedures…

  • Regular vacuuming as needed using a brush or felt vacuum head.
  • Clean hardwood with a mixture of 1/2 blue Windex and 1/2 water, 1/4 white vinegar and 3/4 water (white vinegar and water can also help remove a cloudy film from the wood floor), or any commercial cleaning product recommended safe for hardwood floors. A steam mop is okay to use occasionally on sealed solid hardwood floors.
  • Clean Vinyl Plank/LVT with any commercial product that is recommended safe for vinyl. Steam mops are not recommended for use on some Vinyl Plank/LVT or Engineered wood floors. Please check manufacturer’s recommendation.
    (Do not leave mop steaming on the floor.)

Do Not Wax or Polish
Urethane finishes require little maintenance. Waxes and polishes will make the floor harder to clean and may cause issues with future recoats.

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